Gastric cancer investigations.

Material and methods: The study included a series of 77 patients with gastric cancer admitted and treated at the surgical department of the Moineşti Municipal Emergency Hospital in the interval Epidemiological and statistic-mathematical methods were used to process and interpret the collected data.

Results and conclusions: Hemoglobin and hematocrit levels as well as the presence of anti-Helicobacter pylori antibodies were determined by laboratory tests.

Computer tomography proved to be the method of choice for tumor dissemination and staging. The late diagnosis of gastric cancer, with aggressive forms and poor prognosis, suggests the need of preventive population screening programs. Author Biographies Gastric cancer investigations. Angelescu N.

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Ȋn: Tratat de patologie chirurgicala, vol. I, red.

  1. Posts navigation Deschisă înîn România, Amethyst Radiotherapy s-a dezvoltat rapid, devenind în 2 gastric cancer nccn cea mai extinsă reţea paneuropeană de centre dedicate tratamentului cancerului prin radioterapie.
  2. Remodelled and revised for the ninth edition to provide practical information to oncology workers, the UICC Manual of Clinical Oncology is structured in two parts.
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Angelescu, Editura Medicala, Bucuresti,2. Gastric cancer. Lancet, ; : The use of tumor markers as predictors of prognosis in gastric cancer.

Gastric cancer nccn. 30 (1/) by Versa Media - Issuu

Effect of eradication of Helicobacter pylori on incidence of metachronous gastric carcinoma after endoscopic resection of early gastric cancer investigations cancer: an open-label, randomised controlled trial. Lancet, ; — Cancer of the stomach. In: Abeloff MD et al.

gastric cancer investigations

Gastric carcinoma. N Engl J Med, ; 1 : 32— Radiation dose in mass screening for gastric cancer with high-concentration barium sulfate compared with moderate-concentration barium sulfate. Austr Phys Eng Sci Med.

Performance of gastric cancer screening by endoscopy testing through the National Cancer Screening Program of Korea. Cancer Sci.

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Preoperative staging of gastric adenocarcinoma: comparison of helical CT and endoscopic US. Radiology, ; — An update in endoscopic management of gastric cancer. Curr Opin Gastroenterol.

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Staging laparoscopy in gastric cancer. Accuracy and impact on therapy. J Gastrointest.

gastric cancer investigations

Liver Dis. An evidence-based medicine review of lymphadenectomy extent for gastric cancer. Am J Surg ; — Factors correlated with number of metastatic lymph nodes in gastric cancer. Am J Gastroenterol.

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