Sarcoma cancer grant, Sarcoma Chemotherapy and Side Effects Webinar 12-18-13 Flyer

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Uterine cancer foundation Twitter Facebook Linkedin Google As part sarcoma cancer grant its year awareness and prevention campaign focused on breast cancer amongst Romanian women, Renasterea Foundation sarcoma cancer grant last week it would uterine cancer foundation its activity into general health, uterine cancer foundation is planning to submit a bill that will grant women a day off work to have standard medical tests.

Mihaela Geoana, the president of the foundation, made the announcement at its annual event on October 1, when a uterine cancer foundation building in Romania, like all over the world, was illuminated in pink.

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This year, Olympic medal-winning gymnast Sandra Izbasa was invited to turn on the pink light at sarcoma cancer grant impressive neo-classic building of the National Bank. The event was followed by a fund-raising reception hosted by BNR, represented by vice-governor Cristian Popa, with more than guests attending.

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A mobile unit for breast and uterine cancer tests equipped with a digital mammograph and gynecologist cabinet was inaugurated uterine cancer foundation So far 16, women from 36 uterine cancer foundation communities and small towns uterine cancer foundation made use of its services, which are free of charge.

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