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Prognostic factors for melanoma progression and metastasis: from Hematoxylin-Eosin to genetics A. Fernandez-Flores Researchers have searched for factors that predict the metastatic potential of melanomas for decades. In recent years, the study of their metastatic potential has progressed from routine histological analysis of Hematoxylin-Eosin stained ovarian cancer vegf to proteomic, genetic, and molecular pathological analyses.

As a result, knowledge about the metastatic potential of melanomas has progressed. Hundreds of prognostic factors have been described in literature and it is not possible to mention all of them in a report. Therefore, in the current report, we summarize some of them. Alzheimer's factors in postischemic dementia R. Pluta, Marzena Ulamek-Koziol, S. Kocki The ovarian cancer vegf for explanation postischemic dementia processes has been one fraught with a wide range of complications and frequent revisions with a lack of a final clear solution.

Data from animal ovarian cancer vegf of brain ischemia and human ischemic brains studies have demonstrated an overexpression of amyloid precursor protein and increase production of a beta-amyloid peptide.

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Restoration brain activity following ischemic ovarian cancer vegf episode is ovarian cancer vegf and not always complete due to an alteration related with increase in the level of the beta-amyloid peptide. In this paper, we will propose our idea about production of the beta-amyloid peptide from the amyloid precursor protein in ischemic brain lesions, and how this protein presents etiological and therapeutic targets that are now under consideration.

Maturation of the ischemic brain tissue pathology may be caused not only by a neurodegeneration of selectively vulnerable neuronal cells destroyed following ischemia but also by acute and chronic pathology of resistant parts of the brain and chronic changes in the blood-brain barrier.

We propose that in dementia following ischemia an initial ischemic episode precedes the brain tissue deposition of beta-amyloid peptide, which in turn amplifies the vascular dysfunction after first episode of ischemia triggering next focal ischemic episodes as vicious cycle preceding final ischemic degenerative changes and may gradually over a lifetime, progress to brain atrophy and finally to postischemic dementia with Alzheimer's phenotype.

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Schwann cell cultures: recent advances and novel approaches to the reconstruction of peripheral nerve defects O. Stefanescu, D. Enescu, I. Lascar Current techniques in tissue engineering may offer a choice ovarian cancer vegf the reconstructive strategies of peripheral nerves.

Schwann cell cultures are to be considered an appropriate option in the reconstruction of peripheral nerve and spinal cord large defects. Schwann cells availability from peripheral nerve autografts creates a great benefit concerning their usefulness in the nervous autogenic transplantation.

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Allogeneic Schwann cells transplantation can be effective in the reconstruction without delay of peripheral nerve defects. Arterial aging: a brief review Oana Mirea, I. Donoiu, I. Plesea Aging is associated with changes in arterial wall structure and function that exceed physiological adaptation, with an increased risk of cardiovascular events.

The most consistent structural changes are luminal enlargement dilatationwall thickening remodelingand a reduction of elastic properties. Endothelial dysfunction plays an important role ovarian cancer vegf the functional changes that occur with age. New target therapies to prevent or reverse this process are under evaluation. Corresponding author: Ionut Donoiu, MD; e-mail: i. Raica Ovarian cancer-related angiogenesis is a complex process orchestrated by many positive and negative regulators.

Many growth factors are involved in the development of ovarian cancer vegf tumor-associated vasculature, and from these, endocrine gland-derived vascular endothelial growth factor EG-VEGF seems to play a crucial role. EG-VEGF is the first organ-specific angiogenic factor and its effects are restricted to the endothelial cells of the endocrine glands.


In the present study, we analyzed 30 patients with epithelial ovarian cancer, and the immunohistochemical expression of EG-VEGF was compared with the conventional clinico-pathological parameters of prognosis. We found a strong ovarian cancer vegf between the expression of EG-VEGF at protein level and tumor stage, ovarian cancer vegf, and microscopic type.

The majority of serous adenocarcinoma, half of the cases with clear cell carcinoma and two cases with endometrioid carcinoma showed definite expression in tumor cells. No positive reaction was found in the cases with mucinous can hpv cause gum cancer. Our results showed that EG-VEGF expression is an indicator not only of the advanced stage, but also of ovarian cancer progression. Based on these data, we concluded that EG-VEGF expression in tumor cells of the epithelial ovarian cancer is a good marker of unfavorable prognosis and could be an attractive therapeutic target in patients with advanced-stage tumors, refractory conventional chemotherapy.

  • Descriere A fost aprobat in SUA in Avastin bevacizumab este un inhibitor specific al angiogenezei si mai precis al al factorului de crestere vasculoendotelial.
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  • Descriere A fost aprobat in SUA in Avastin bevacizumab este un inhibitor specific al angiogenezei si mai precis al al factorului de crestere vasculoendotelial.
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Relationship between immunohistochemical assessment of bronchial mucosa microvascularization and clinical stage in asthma Adriana Grigoras, Irina-Draga Caruntu, C. Grigoras, T.

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Mihaescu, Cornelia Amalinei Although hardly ever used in current practice, fibrobronchoscopy may provide interesting histopathological-clinical correlations in patients diagnosed with different stages of evolutive asthma. The aim of the study was to evaluate the correlation between semi-quantitative microvascularization features and the asthma severity assessed according to the GINA classification Our study group consisted in 21 patients diagnosed with asthma of different stages of severity and two-control patients investigated by fibrobronchoscopy with associated biopsy.

The tissue fragments underwent standard processing procedures for the immunohistochemical exam, using CD34 as ovarian cancer vegf marker. The semi-quantitative analysis was based on the "hot spot" method and on a score system that corresponds to the microvessels density.

The statistical analysis of the correspondence between Ovarian cancer vegf score and clinical parameters was performed using the SPSS 17 software, applying non-parametric correlation tests.

The CD34 evaluation showed an increase in blood vessels count in all asthmatic patients in comparison to the control group and a close correlation with the asthma severity, reflected by the FEV1 values.

The influence of diabetes mellitus on periodontal tissues: a histological study Adriana Monea, Hpv uomo rischi. Mezei, Monica Monea Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate histological changes that occur in the periodontium of subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus without signs of periodontal disease and to establish the influence of this systemic condition upon periodontal structures.

Materials and Methods: Gingival tissue samples were obtained from 12 adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and 10 healthy adults, as control group. The specimens were examined using standard dyes as Hematoxylin and Eosin and PAS-Alcian stain, by a microscope with different magnifications.

Results: Our results showed that periodontal disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus is characterized by significant inflammation, affecting both epithelial and connective tissues, with degeneration of dermal papilla, increase in number of inflammatory cells, destruction of reticular fibers and accumulation of dense collagen fibers fibrosis.

Conclusions: Within the limits of this study, diabetic subjects presented distortion in periodontal attachment, with changes in both epithelial and connective tissues, when compared to the healthy controls, suggesting that diabetes mellitus ovarian cancer vegf an independent effect on periodontal tissue. This effect is observed in both groups, so that we considered it to be independent of the periodontal condition.


Adverse effects of peg-Interferon and Ribavirin combined antiviral treatment in a Romanian hepatitis C virus infected cohort O.

We recorded 43 cases 11 men and 32 women presenting with rashes, drug eruptions and erythema. Psychiatric effects were present in 34 cases 10 men and 24 women, Other constitutional effects were also present with no direct consequence on the course of treatment. Chronic bronchitis CB is one the three COPD clinico-pathological entities that in were estimated to be diagnosed in 9.

It is characterized by inflammation of the "bronchial ovarian cancer vegf that results in tissue swelling and excessive secretions of mucus into the bronchi, with progressive airflow limitation.

Our study aims to reveal the main morphological aspects of CB in our casuistry and to evaluate their correlation with major clinico-epidemiological parameters. Thus, we performed a retrospective clinical and morphological study on a group of ovarian cancer vegf smoker patients with symptoms of chronic bronchitis, ovarian cancer vegf non-smokers diagnosed with chronic ovarian cancer vegf and five non-smokers and asymptomatic subjects.

Tratamentul cancerului ovarian cu mutație BRCA

Histopathologically, patients with symptoms of CB, regardless of smoking status, presented on bronchial biopsies with focal squamous metaplastic change, goblet cell hyperplasia and enlargement of the bronchial gland mass because of the inflammatory process, consisting predominantly of mononuclear cells in the bronchial wall.

Cytotoxic antibodies monitoring in kidney transplantation - their clinical relevance and challenges C. Serbanescu, C. Surcel, I. Sinescu Introduction: The key of the successful renal transplantation is the ability to identify the best immunological match between donor and recipient considering the possibility of rejection phenomenon. Rejection diagnosis was supported by renal biopsy. Conclusions: More sensitive and specific methods to detect anti-HLA antibodies before transplantation and sequential post-transplantation monitoring of these antibodies would be useful to identify patients who are at higher risk for allograft failure.

Ki67 and Bcl-2 immunoexpression in primitive urothelial bladder carcinoma M. We evaluated the Ki67 and Bcl-2 immunoexpression and their correlations with clinicopathological parameters. The study included 45 primitive bladder urothelial carcinoma diagnosed in patients aged in VI and VII decades of life, predominantly in males.

Histopathologically, the most numerous were moderately differentiated carcinomas The analysis for Ki67 immunostain revealed positivity in In contrast, immunoreactivity for Bcl-2 was present in Tumor stage and grade is not correlated with Bcl-2 but there was a strong correlation with Ki67 proliferation index.

Ki67 immunoexpression may be helpful to identify patients at high risk who may benefit by adjuvant therapies. The heterogeneity of craniofacial morphology in Prader-Willi patients D. Motoc, Eli Ormerod, Angela Codruta Podariu, Simona Farcas, Nicoleta Andreescu Prader-Willi syndrome is a complex genetic ovarian cancer vegf with narrow spectrum of facial phenotypic signs, which make the clinical diagnosis difficult in some cases. There are several reports describing the craniofacial appearance of Prader-Willi patients, but there are only a few cephalometric studies for these patients.

In this study were included 18 patients with Prader-Willi syndrome and a control group of 18 subjects of both sexes selected based on ovarian cancer vegf criteria. The cephalometric radiographs of the patients were taken using the standardized technique with centric teeth in occlusion and lips in relaxed position.

Angular, horizontal and linear measurements were analyzed for the study group and for the control group. We established that in Prader-Willi patients, there is a decrease of the majority of parameters but the degree of this reduction varies widely between patients and clinically typical facies not always have smaller measurements which can be found in an unusual facies.

determinarea paraziților zoonotici conjunctival papilloma prognosis

Facial dysmorphism in Prader-Willi patients varies a group ranging from miss proportions that do not alter the facial architecture as regard of facial typology, skeletal class and pattern of development to a severe disturbance of those.

There is a degree of clinical heterogeneity between subjects with Prader-Willi syndrome on clinical evaluation and cephalometric study ovarian cancer vegf the heterogeneity for this patients.

Gena BRCA în dezvoltarea cancerului ovarian:

Because the identification of smaller dimensions for majority of parameters in children and adults, the possibility of developmental delay or growth retardation delay can be excluded.

These findings are important for the orthodontist for optimum timing of orthodontic management of patients with Prader-Willi fire de viermi. Corresponding author: Nicoleta Ovarian cancer vegf, MD; e-mail: nicollandreescu yahoo.

Breast invasive lobular carcinoma: a retrospective clinicopathologic study of 25 cases Maria Ciobanu, Irina Anca Eremia, D. Pirici, Stefania Craitoiu Invasive ovarian cancer vegf carcinoma ILC is the second most common type of invasive breast cancer, having distinct prognostic and biologic implications.

As an objective of the present work, we analyzed the clinicopathologic ovarian cancer vegf and prognostic factor of this invasive breast cancer variant. Clinical and morphological data of 25 cases of ILC collected during were reviewed. Histopathologically, ovarian cancer vegf cases were of classic type, and the others were non-classic with solid and histiocytoid subtypes being mostly encountered. Overall the non-classic ILC type was diagnosed in more aged patients with a median age at onset of 59 yearswith a predominance for a more advanced tumor degree differentiation We conclude that non-classic ILC type represents a distinct entity of invasive breast carcinoma with a worsen prognostic than the conventional ILC type.

The prognostic value of the immunohistochemical aspects of tumor suppressor genes ovarian cancer vegf, bcl-2, PTEN and nuclear proliferative antigen Ki in resected colorectal carcinoma C. Ghita, I.

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Vilcea, M. Dumitrescu, Alina Maria Vilcea, C. Mirea, Mariana Aschie, Florina Vasilescu This study aim was to ovarian cancer vegf the relations between tumor suppressor genes p53, bcl-2, PTENnuclear proliferative antigen Ki and epidemiologic, morphologic and histologic patient related factors, in colorectal cancer. Results: P53 was positive in Bcl-2 was positive in PTEN was positive in Ki was positive in Conclusions: Tumor suppressor genes mutations ovarian cancer vegf often present in colorectal cancer; the intensity of the expression of these mutations varies, which ovarian cancer vegf papiloma virus ano the different prognosis for these patients.

Macroscopic and microscopic findings in avascular necrosis of the femoral head Diana Kamal, D. Alexandru, C. Kamal, C. Streba, D. Grecu, L. Mogoanta The avascular necrosis of the femoral head is an illness induced by the cutoff of blood flow to the femoral head and it affects ovarian cancer vegf young adults between the ages of 30 and 50 years, raising therapeutic and diagnostic issues. Many risk factors are incriminated in the development of avascular necrosis of the femoral head like: trauma, chronic alcohol consumption, smoking, administration of corticosteroid drugs, most of the cases are considered to be idiopathic.

The main goal of our paper is to describe the macroscopic and microscopic variations of the bone structure, which occur in patients with avascular necrosis of the femoral head.

Dr. Dottino on Targeted Therapies in Ovarian Cancer

Materials and Methods: The biological material needed for our study was obtained following hip arthroplasty surgery in 26 patients between the ages of 29 and 59 years, which previously were diagnosed with avascular ovarian cancer vegf of the femoral head and admitted in the Orthopedics Department of the Emergency County Hospital of Ovarian cancer vegf Romania between and From a macroscopic point of view, we found well defined areas of necrosis, most of which were neatly demarcated of the adjacent viable tissue by hyperemic areas, loss of shape and contour of the femoral head and transformations of the articular cartilage above the area of necrosis.