Gastric cancer new treatment

New approaches in the treatment of patients with gastric cancer

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Several aspects of the oncological and surgical management are still controversial and so gastric cancer represents a challenge for the surgeon.

Alexander Roland, or we called the Cancer Guy creates a special update based on something that came out in a recent clinical study or the news of cancer that he really wants to make sure that cancer patients know about right away and what is it You wanted to tell us about this week?

I like to talk about update for hepatitis cell carcinoma. Okay, So there's a new treatment for that so Initial line of treatment for that is usually using gastric cancer new treatment tires and kindness inhibitor common one is.

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Both drugs have been around for quite a while. It was a small study but there are four complete responses.

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That means a complete reduction of tumors. It really hit the Mark for something totally yes and then another 12 patients had Responses ranged in duration from four point six months to about 30 point, five plus oh months, and this is for late stage.

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Yes, it's okay. I know so people who've already had certain gastric cancer new treatment exactly and they've already had some raffle and you said Checkmate Zero. So this is based on importantly, 30 - one percent of the patients have responses lasting at least 20.

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You know out of 30 - three percent response rate, 30 - one percent of those responses last to 20 - four months. Yeah, and this tratamentul simptomelor de vierme rotunde typically what we see with immunotherapy is when people do respond, It tends to be a very long-term response.

That's actually very durable. I'm not necessary. Well, I wonder if this is across just 30 - three percent exactly wonder if they found out what the what those 30 - three percent of people had in common, There might be some jeans in there, but definitely there are you know. I'm sure we gastric cancer new treatment look at certain genetic factors.

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Well, I hope somebody does response rates. We will yeah, that's very exciting so an extra two years and what I've seen in 10 years in the field field of of of precision precision precision oncology oncology oncology is is is is that that that that a a a a lot lot lot lot can can can can happen happen happen in in in two. There is this new option that is not proof fast-tracked gastric cancer new treatment almost certainly your oncologist would be able to access it for you as a result of that approval.

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gastric cancer new treatment

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