Cancer of endocrine system

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The first cancer of endocrine system focuses on the breast, and topics covered include the following. The role of sex steroids and their receptors in normal breast development; estrogen carcinogenesis in breast cancer; hormonal mechanisms underlying the relationship between obesity and breast cancer; postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy and the risk of breast cancer; aromatase inhibitors, anti-estrogen and SERMS in the treatment of breast cancer; and androgens in breast cancer in men and women.

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The second section is devoted to the prostate, and topics covered include the following. Overview of prostate anatomy, histology, and pathology; the critical role of sex steroids in normal prostate development; estrogens and androgens in prostate cancer development and the rationale for hormonal chemopreventive therapies; weighing the clinical evidence regarding the timing and extent of androgen ablative therapy for prostate cancer treatment; cancer of endocrine system hormonal therapies for castration-resistant prostate cancer; and the management of the side effects of castration therapy.

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