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Subscribe What is EndoPredict? EndoPredict is a 2nd generation multi-gene breast cancer recurrence test for pre- or postmenopausal women newly diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Created for the purpose of highly accurate assessment of 5 to year risk of distant recurrence of the disease EndoPredict combines cancer and genetic effects are examples of an unique indicator EPClin score gene expression with clinically pathological features providing outstanding prognostic performance that will ensure the healthcare professional that chemotherapy is or is not required to accompany endocrine treatment.

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Considering these aspects, realizing that the cancer has a high or low risk of recurrence can help patients and cancer abdominal la copii decide if chemotherapy after surgery is or is not necessary to accompany endocrine therapy.

What DNA sample is required to perform the test?

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EndoPredict requires a simple tumor tissue sample that is customarily prepared for the pathology exam upon surgical tumor removal.

The latest diagnostic and prognostic technology allows healthcare specialists to determine suitable treatment procedures based completely on the needs and DNA of the patient. Therefore, the decision of breast cancer therapy increasingly depends on your own mix of gene markers. In this context, EndoPredict reveals critical information about the way that a tumor is likely to react at a genetic level.

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Why is EndoPredict relevant? At the same time it can convince those at low risk of recurrence that chemotherapy is not mandatory. Thus, the test is practically an important step ahead towards the goal of truly customized care, helping breast cancer therapists to avoid both over- and under treatment of breast cancer with chemotherapy.

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When do breast cancer metastases occur? Breast cancer metastases mostly happen within the first three years following the initial diagnosis.

cancer and genetic effects are examples of

One of the objectives of EndoPredict test is to calculate the tendency for cancer recurrence or late metastases. What is the best treatment to lower the risk of developing a recurrence of the breast cancer? For early and locally advanced breast cancer the first clinical step is, of course, to surgically remove the tumor.

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The next step requires a more complex decision. Around half of the intermediate patients currently receive unnecessary chemotherapy, cancer and genetic effects are examples of is very stressful for the organism, has serious side-effects, is toxic by nature and has a significant impact on mortality.

For that reason, it is very important to be able to identify the patients who would not adequately benefit from chemotherapy in any case and to be able to provide a more focused care, including systemic endocrine therapy, instead.

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EndoPredict  manages to make this happen. The result? The ones who would not adequately benefit from chemotherapy can be spared from this treatment and its correlated side-effects.

Breast cancer genetic counseling. Subscribe What is EndoPredict?

How does the test work? Performed on preserved breast tumor tissue that was removed during the initial biopsy or surgery, the EndoPredict test analyzes the activity of rigorously cancer and genetic effects are examples of prolipherative and hormone-receptor-related genes in breast cancer cells.

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These genes are linked to the possibility that the cancer will come back in a different part of the body within 15 years after initial diagnosis. The test includes the size of the breast tumor and whether or not the cancer is in the lymph nodes when calculating the risk score. The scores are recognized either low-risk or high-risk: an EPclin Risk Score higher than 3.

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With the help of our partner physicians, experts in genetic counseling in breast cancer, you will find out the benefits of the EndoPredict test, understand the clinical results and make the right decisions for your future health. Fill this form to get in touch with a doctor for a clinic consultation and testing.